About Us

Mission and Vision

Earth Initiative, as we set out...

We set out to bring our perspective, and part of our work to the worldwide effort to preserve, renew the environment; and to step into the more gracious future that should, can be our birthright.

We bring a sober, but hopeful take.

We will provide our stream of the news, good and bad, successes and cautionary tales.

We will work to lay out what they’re thinking – the good guys and the bad.

We will be tracking the creative ways our energy sources, our cities, our food farms and cuisine are changing – and need to move forward. Too, the ways our animal habitats, our seas, the distribution of our wealth have skewed – the tides we need to turn.

We’ll stay alert for great sources and resources, and share: Pew Environment, Orion Magazine, Carl Safina, the DotEarth Blog, Naomi Klein, Wendell Berry, Michael Pollan, the Stone Barn Center, Oceana, the World Wildlife Fund, Charles Mann, the Surfrider Foundation, the Living On Earth radio show to name a few.

Locally, here in Philadelphia, we’ll be tracking the Friends of the Wissahickon, Weavers Way Coop, Grid Magazine, the Philadelphia Mayors Office of Sustainability, and many more. We’ll be looking to you for what’s happening local to you.

We hope you will weigh in with the view from where you live.

As a team and as a community we will be reading the classics, old & new: Beyond Words, Laudato Si, This Changes Everything, The Omnivore’s Dilemma, The Third Plate – Silent Spring, In the Shadow of Man. My train reading now is a reread of the great Sand County Almanac.

We will track the actions being taken at every level: Global, by Nations, States & Regions, Cities, Corporations & NGOs, Towns & Neighborhoods, Families & Friends, Personal. These can serve as models, might benefit from our support - our advice, might well point to things that we can do.

We will be issuing challenges on the site: to research an issue in your region; to take action in your neighborhood, your home, in the world.

Happily, the source of these springs eternal, this work never ends.

We invite you to join this “we” – to learn, share, act & lead along with us. Our perspective, plus yours

There’s hard work ahead for the world. The Summit in Paris was just one stop, to gather; in a long, arduous, joyous journey.

We must stay wary. We must be fierce. But too, all of this rests on a change of heart. Can we love the Earth, our fellow travelers, each other, ourself enough - enough to dedicate ourself, together, to make it to this other shore?

Let’s see. We are calling this try, the Earth Initiative. Welcome.