Don’t Let President-Elect Trump Scrap Environmental Protections

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Submitted by Civic Action Admin Sun, 01/01/2017 - 11:08pm

Support the Clean Power Plan

Climate change impacts every facet of American life — from public health to extreme weather to national security. Despite the fact that a majority of Americans, and even a majority of Republicans, support action on climate change, President-elect Donald Trump refuses to accept the facts and take climate change seriously, putting the health and safety of our families at risk. With Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan by his side, Trump is launching an all-out war on the policies and plans that protect our environment and our health, dismantling the remarkable progress we’ve made over the last eight years.

One of the top items on Trump’s dirty energy agenda is to “scrap” the Clean Power Plan, a proposed rule that would compel U.S. power plants to slash the carbon emissions that threaten our health and environment. Protecting our children and the environment should be a top priority, but Trump and his cronies in Congress are determined to ignore the urgent threat of climate change to please a cohort of climate deniers and dirty energy insiders. The shift to a clean energy economy is already underway, driven by market forces, bolstered by consumer demand, and supported by major American companies. Slowing the transition to clean energy is bad for business, bad for public health, and bad for the economy.

With Republicans controlling the House, Senate, and the White House, fighting for climate action will be an uphill battle, and fending off attacks on the vital protections of the Clean Power Plan will be more important than ever. President-elect Trump has made it clear that he will put the interests of big polluters and dirty energy insiders above the American people. If the health of our nation matters to you, it’s time to speak out.

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