The Earth Initiative Roundup, Oct. 9, 2016

Posted on Oct 11, 2016

Can we build for the future with as much commitment as we once built for war?

Posted on Aug 24, 2016

Ive heard a compelling political message recently, from a candidate who is a wounded marine vet. What he is bringing forward from his military experience is the powerful way alliance made for urgent common cause gets things done. He describes situations where there was no possible blurring of the need, and so where partisan dross in each person fell aside and the gold was revealed. There was no place for petty maneuvering or purely personal gain, as the value of "all for one, one for all' became non abstract, and vital. (Part of this candidate's experience: shot through the neck, he was somehow transported from the center of war-torn Fallujah to the hospital on the periphery- in a life saving 12 minutes)

Bill McKibben , author, environmentalist and founder of 350.0rg ( ) goes right to that place :" Every once in a while I write...