That Climate Change came down from the White House website signifies ...

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... in the real sense, it signifies nothing. 

The new President can Tweet out his venom at #ClimateChange - but Climate Change will not notice

It rolls on:


On the other hand, with the GOP, largely* a gathering of Deniers, in control of our Federal Government - it means that the US Government will stand aside from the work of averting the disater  - at least for now.

* Credit where credit is do, there is a Climate Solutions Caucus in the House. In fact this was founded by two members of Congress from the southern tip of Florida - will be amongst the first to go under when there is sea rise - the issue strikes home for them.

As you will see there are currently nine Republican members of the caucus leadership team, tip o the cap to them! Eighteen in all


Perhaps the vision is for a dock from the 2nd floor of Trump tower? Whatever his gameplan - he surely is not concerned.

#Earth2Trump #ClimateHope #OurAmazingWorld #ClimateSolutionsCaucus

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