From the Food & Water Action Fund: Treat our fossil fuel addiction, now

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Time to

Really, let's #BeInconvenient.

Enough with the entrenched wealth of the Dirty Fuel community - enough with them playing rope-a-dope with us.

This crossed my desk today from @foodandwater :

  • Food & Water Action Fund is launching OFF Fossil Fuels, a national network of grassroots efforts to stop all fossil fuel development and transition the country to 100% renewable energy now.

Let's run with that now, each and all of us.

Let's press our elected officials, all of them, to support this now

Let's buy from, support companies and organizations who get on this now

Our future, and the future of our, kids will be profoundly impacted by now

What will we tell them we did nowthen?

Centuries of centuries and only in the present do things happen   

          Jorge Luis Borges, w thanks to Elizabeth Kolbert, The Sixth Extinction

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