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I can become doubtful of the power of what we're doing - can shared words, mostly (the images help a lot)  not only convey information but also affect change ? At very worst, Ive wondered if Im in a 'vanity project" -yeah, I like writing about this stuff...and, so what?

Underneath those doubts my bigger self recognizes that community synergy IS ecology, and is the web we need to weave. Or more, the web we need to enact, to partake in as humans -because it is there, waiting for our positive (instead of negative) engagement. Words are part of our human toolbox, an aspect of what we can contribute to this whole which gives so much to us.

The effect of Safina's here is just one , beautiful illustration:

It may seem small. But all great things are made of small ones. and each part -and participant - matters.

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I love it Anna! None of us want to share vanity posts, while Earth burns.

One thing for us all to remember is that there is a major motive within EI to present Action Challenges, and to share actual Actions that we engage with, carry out.

Your post is elegant and succinct as is, a cautionary call to remember.

And, the picture is larger here than just an exchange of information. The full call is to:

Love the Earth

Stay Informed

Take Action


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I dont hear it as cautionary, or not cautionary only...isnt it kind of inspiring, the needed chance to join in to this web?

And Yes -so glad youve highlighted: for no one here is the aim to talk for the sake of our words only, but for the sake of what what actions - and reflections -they can catalyze.

I add reflections because Id say they are an essential aspect of 'action', in a yin/yang sense. Our minds and hearts can be changed by words, then the we who we are is different and so acts differently, takes new actions. 

So Love the Earth/Stay Informed/Take Action- definitely part of their own web, together!

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