Photo Ark: Portraits of Wildlife Worth Saving

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Photographer Joel Sartore's images and videos of animals happily cross my Instagram feed frequently.

I follow both his photography account, @joelsartore, and @natgeo, where he is a frequent contributer and founder of the Photo Ark project. From the Photo Ark homepage (which is worth checking out just for what might be the cutest frog pic ever): 

"The interaction between animals and their environments is the engine that keeps the planet healthy for all of us. But for many species, time is running out...

The National Geographic Photo Ark is an ambitious project committed to documenting every species in captivity—inspiring people not just to care, but also to help protect these animals for future generations."

More from Sartore on his work: 

"I want to get people to care, to fall in love, and to take action.”

"This is the best time ever to save species because so many need our help."

Sartore's images of animals are both beautiful, and startlingly intimate - even when his message re: conservation is not explicit, it remains a powerful subtext in how he helps us connect with his subjects, our co-inhabitants in #OurAmazingWorld. 

You can see more of his work, and take action by signing up for a variety of doable challenges (from eating better, to making your home more sustainable) on the Racing Extinction site

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