Republican conservationists buck Trump on climate change - are we seeing a breakaway?

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Encouraging news in this morning's Philadelphia Inquirer. 

U.S. Rep. Ryan Costello, R-Pa., introduced a bill acknowledging climate change as caused by human activity; 

Howard A. Cohen, says Republicans have a history of environmental stewardship he wants rekindled.

These are not a Democratic issues, nor Republican ones - they are simply what Americans have always done - banded together to overcome crises.

You can read the Inquirer story here.   #EIRecommends

Some highlights:

  • Howard A. Cohen, a fanatical fly fisherman and former aide to Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, thinks that President Trump is moving the Republican Party to the wrong side on the environment. 
  • Cohen and other Republicans say it is wrong to assume that Trump has their backing on the environment.
  • "The Republicans got into this game very early and are still in it,” said Cohen, now a business ethics professor at Temple University. He notes that Theodore Roosevelt was the  prime mover behind the National Park Service  and that Nixon established the Environmental Protection Agency in 1970. 
  • U.S. Rep. Ryan Costello sponsored a recent House resolution on “conservative environmental stewardship,” acknowledging the impact of climate change and calling for a science-based approach to tackle the problem.
  • Costello and others who backed the resolution are also part of the bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus, which has 13 members from each party; newcomers can be admitted only with another member of the opposing party.

The article, by Frank Kummer ( @FrankKummer ) is informative and a very good read. DO take a minute or two to give it a read.


This, of course, is very encouraging - perhaps the dawning of an era of cooperation on our most pressing challenges? 

Was the resistance that rose up to defeat the abrupt overturn of the Affordable Care Act, a blueprint? Will that resistance now come together and carry through on making the critically needed and critically important changes to the ACA?

Is the remarkable independence being shown by representatives Cohen and Costello, following that blueprint?

Will the new theme be fix what needs fixing?

Let's do everything we can to forward this momentum - together. 

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