From @RichLouv by way of @Orion_Magazine: We need an NRA for Nature

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About finding #CommonGround - and leveraging that to make sure that we and #OurAmazingWorld survive, and thrive.

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I love this idea.  Part of why the NRA is successful though is that they've aggregated most of the concerned activists and citizens in the same group.  The environmental movement is disparate with many, many groups, each with their own list, their own board, and their own imperatives.  We won't be able to replicate the NRA model, but existing environmental groups need to find a way to work better in network with each other, lowering their own individual imperatives, yieldiing more towards movement building.  This means more list sharing, less territorialism and where it makes sense mergers of efforts if not organizations.  The People's Climate March is an example of where different groups are coming together having to negotiate the boundaries of organization towards the building of a powerful movement for the climate and environment.  

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Yes -as to disparate environmentally oriented groups...but perhaps a simplified agenda could ally many?  Perhaps it could be thatmany different kinds of nature loves -sportsmen, educators, gardeners, activists... could ally behind a non partisan Nature Lobby. Something like Joanna Macy's Council of All Beings, where people , because we can speak to one another, choose to speak for elements of the natural world -the waters, the forests, the wolves etc. "Just' all that being taken into consideration in all decisions would be a huge step forwards, both culturally and tactically

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Kate coined that Earth Initiative category, and it strikes a deep chord w me. I was lucky enough to grow up spening my summers at Cape May Point: a bird sanctuary, a rest stop on the Eastern Flyway, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Delaware Bay and waves break "sideways" at that join, a rare East Coast place where the sun sets over sea .... The natural world resonates ....

I posted thoughts about forming this Nature Lobby on Earth Initiative here:


I like that Louv steps up the game with his challenge to reach the level of clout now held by the NRA

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The gun owners I have met are some of the most careful people I know.

I have been to the range, and the emphasis on care and safety is over the top.

My friend Jay has been around rifles since he was a kid - and he shudders with disdain when he sees anyone handle a gun carelessly.

I expect that ethos still runs strong through the great majority of NRA members.

I also support the 2nd, and the right to bear arms. Am sorry that the NRA has become so identified as a lobbying organization opposed to ANY regulation - rather than the education and get-the-word-out organization it was was originally formed to be.

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