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The Surfrider Foundation, @Surfrider, reached out to me to "Support our National Ocean Policy". Six years ago, our country's first National Ocean Policy was created to help protect and restore our ocean, coasts, and Great Lakes.

From their alert: Unfortunately, some members of Congress are attempting to interfere with the National Ocean Policy through backdoor amendments that would limit its funding or implementation. Halting implementation of the policy would reduce our nation's ability to protect our ocean and coasts and the communities that depend upon them.

I used this tool to get the numbers and called our US Senators - our US Representative, recently convicted, recently resigned.

Big topic. make the call? Might take 5 minutes.


Love the Surfriders, coming together, having fun, doing good things for the natural world.

This week they also retweeted this from @NatlOceanPolicy: The National #Ocean Policy is included in the top 100 examples of @POTUS's leadership in sci, tech, and #innovation!

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