Watch for the gold "TRUMP" signs on former National Monuments and Parks? Where is his war on the Natural World going?

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Donald John Trump has opened a new front on his War on the Natural World - opening the door for corporate exploitation of our Natieoan Parks and Monuments.

See: for some background.

To me, our shared love for the natural world is a key way that we can start to come back together as Americans. Sports, in many ways, already does this, right?

To Trump a place to drive another wedge for the corporate interests, so dear to him.

Dont get me wrong, I own a small company - love both competition and cooperation - admire many many companies & corporations. 

I fear and expect that it is the extereme exploiters, frauds and poluters that the Trump is getting cozy with here.

We still need to drill - will for a while - a holding action, but have we reached the dire point where we need to hand over our Natural Treasures - to make wealth for the already wealthy?

Your thoughts?


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We should be angry about the complete disregard of not only the natural world, but also basic institutional precedent of American government.  Conservativism used to be about "conserving" and respecting the institutions and traditions of American Government.  Trumpism and its Tea Party predecessor is a nihilist effort to destroy the fundamental elements, natural and democratic, of the American Experiment.  My question to them is to what end?  

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