As we set out – Earth Initiative

Robert Leming • 21 April 2016

Riding the train this morning, I opened our latest Orion Magazine, March |April 2016. Orion, a treasure, by the way.

In his Preamble H Emerson Blake reflects on kinship and looks back on J. Allen Boone’s bookKinship with All Life, published in 1954. He quotes this:

Every living thing this was seen as a partner in a universal enterprise.

I have had to do a lot of thinking and deciding lately about right kinship, and right for me and mine. We are all finite and it is both a science and an art to strike the right balance. Still, I cant shake the resonance of every living thing.

As we set off on our Earth Initiative, none of us are, or are likely to become full time writers, so we will lean on our sources – some of them our living sacred texts – and bring forth, share the key messages we find there. Each of us has agreed to be alert to the natural world (humans, at out best, a beautiful fit, right?) – and share the view from here – wherever we are.

The whole world; natural, built, farmed, grazed, fished is in a crisis. It is our the great, heroic challenge of out time to avert a catastrophe – be it the climate, the environment, the current Sixth Extinction we need to face into it with teeth to the wind.

Earth Initiative is part of our part of that work. We’ll be delighted if you join us.