Our Amazing World

One of the strongest roots of The Earth Initiative is simple love for our living world.

 It comes before duty; in fact, it transforms dry duty into 'responsibility", that impulse to respond with care for and celebration of what we love.

 Without the loving connection, care of the earth becomes a task, maybe part of a political agenda  -  it has no juice, like a plant in a vase which will wither. Love connects  so that the often tedious and grievous work stays alive,  rooted in its reason for being.

Why do pictures of wild animals circulate through the internet? Its a sad  expression of something wonderful, a reaching for some tiny connection to the rest of the living world. There are reasons why people strive to keep a green plant growing in the dankest apartment, or share their home with that crazy kitten or staunch dog, turn to the cry of a jay, bear daunting traffic to reach sea air,  feel impelled to leap and play in waters like the Wissahickon  near us,  in spite of their well advertised pollution. It seems to be in our very natures to crave that connection and we rejoice when we experience it, even a little bit of it. 


Staying open means we're open to the horrors, too. It may be that love is the only thing that lets us refuse to bury our heads in the sand. The water of Flint Michigan became a flat news story to many - but not to the parents whose children were drinking the water there. It became real to them in a way thought alone doesnt allow, because their hearts were touched - we could say, broken open .

In that openness of love, the real connections between us and the rest of the natural world are palpable. They sustain us, as well as cause us to grieve and impel us to action

So TEI is a place not only for strategy and information - though all that too - but also and foundationally for reminders of the connection, that love.