Take Action

The idea of the Earth Initiative is simple; gather a community, share and help each other stay informed, challenge ourselves – then, critical, take actions.  The Earth Initiative platform is built, and will evolve to support us as we do this work together.

The Actions will be wide ranging, a small sampling:

  • Go all LED lighting at home – the time has come, prices have come down and the light has gotten great.
  • If you are in Philadelphia; join EQAT as they pressure PECO to maximize their investment in solar energy, AND bring green jobs to the neighborhoods that need them most.
  • If you are in the US, call your Congress Person and urge them to join the Climate Solutions Caucus in the House.
  • If you are in Vienna, in Austria, support the Hueriger movement: local wine, local food, and Gemultlichkeit – cheerful coziness
  • Share your perspective on your region, or on a topic you are passionate and informed about – here on Earth Initiative.

Each of us can make a difference.

Together, that difference grows – exponentially.