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Earthwise Aware - Because I Care!


“Today more than ever, it is one of our duties to keep informed; the better informed we are, the better our basis for predicting consequences.” – Arne Næss

My motto is the one from the conservation organization: Earthwise Aware - Because I care!

We owe to ourselves and to all of us (humans) to be ecologically & ecosophically informed, so that we can act mindfully, ethically and compassionately on the base of that information.

What I will share with you includes environmental and conservation science news, reflections on ethics and how to protect our world, as well as calls for actions...

I choose to be informed, to get the facts straight and to not remain silent in a time of confusion and turmoils. Join me and together let's be the change we want to see in this world. That's my way of changing the world. 

You can also follow what I share personally on Ecosophical Perspectives.



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