Organizing for Justice


Once again, our democracy and fundamental human rights are facing a moment of assault. The past election has shown that our republic and its promise of equality for all is a still a fragile institution, open to the gravest of assaults. It is our civic duty to fight against the efforts to deny the intrinsic value of all people, whether it is due to their race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexual orientation or religion. We stand to represent those who celebrate diversity as a strength, not a threat; who believe that every voice has an inherent value and the right to be heard; those who understand our strength as a nation is derived from the acceptance of all people; and for those who seek a stronger and more vibrant democratic spirit and will not accept being ruled. We will continue to stand for justice and equality as long as even one member of our community is met with the pain of oppression and intolerance. For as Americans we seek to constantly better our union with the promise of freedom and acceptance for all those who yearn for it. We believe in each other, our collective power, and the belief that we can be better than what we are today.